Saturday, June 2, 2007


Whatever you think and dream about, that you can be if you strive for it with hard, continues effort and an indomitable faith in yourself. always remember,that nothing is impossible and all is possible to them that believe in their ability. If you think you will win you will definately and truly win and on the other hand if you have doubts about yourselves and entertain fear that you will lose, you are bound to lose even before you start. therefore, always think positively to win gloriously.
Remember always, that you and you alone are the master of your fate and the decider of your destiny. Never blame others for your failure for you alone are responsible for what you are. you will succeed and gain what you desire if you can back it up with dogged effort and sincere resoluteness.
Patience pays and perseverance always triumphs. Genius, which is so glorified by people is nothing but continues toil coupled with common sense and understanding of the problem. Be up and doing and keep trying and you will win sooner than later.
There might be thousands of people telling you that you cant do it and thousand to warn you of the many pitfalls and dangers that lie ahead but just the same you stick to your aim and get going with your chosen task and soon you will find that you have created a miracle showing the prophets of failure that you have achieved success. people who showed courage and persistance have done things which couldn't be done before.
Doing the impossible may seem like a miracle to many but such miracles are but man's work carried to the end, with true faith and conviction and thus leading to victory. Remember always, that you too can reach to the heights of great people and like them achieve name and fame, accomplish position and status and crown yourselves with glory, if only you think you can, stand up to life and play your part with faith and courage.
Be bold , be strong, dare and do. Doubt not, fear not but press on till you win your coveted goal. As the great swami vivekananda thundered: 'You can do anything and everything.You can move mountains and drain the oceans. faith, faith, faith in ourselves, faith in god, this is the secret of greatness. awake, arise and act.'

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

keeping fit without going to the gym

Well, right from the time i was a teenager i was very interested in building a nice physique.
I started out with bodyweight exercises at my house ,later on i started visiting a neighbourhood gym for more and quicker gains.
luckily for me the gym was very equipped and the people working out there were also very focussed in their body-building goals.
This naturally gave me a lot of motivation to try harder and harder to build a strong and muscular body.
As the time went on i started spending more and more time working out seriously at the gym (infact more than most of the other gym goers) and i also saw a vigorous change in my physique.
but with all this development also came some negative points.
I started developing a nagging pain in my lower back and in my limb joints and i soon realised that it was caused by lifting heavy weights without a proper warmup and because of wrong posture.
Because of all this and due to my doctor's strict warning i had to leave the gym for good, but after sometime i again started getting a very strong desire to workout. the problem this time was that i had started working in an office fulltime and had little time to spare.
As my desire to workout increased continually, i started doing bodyweight exercises at my house itself in the mornings but with a lot more intensity. soon i started to see the benefits of bodyweight exercises,with it i could develop the same level of fitness and strength that i thought was possible only by going to the gym and by doing heavy weight trainging.
Now i could workout comfortably at my house itself without investing in gym fees or costly exercise machines. not only that i realised that the muscles and physique that i was developing with bodyweight exercises gave me functional strength useful for every activity.
With the help of these body only exercises i found my strength and endurance going through the roof and on the other hand i was also loosing fat which i had developed doing the sedentary office job.
These exercises worked both anaerobically(useful for developing muscles) and aerobically which results in the loss of unwanted fat.
Bodyweight exercises have helped me to develop functional strength without bulking me out unrealistically. with the help of these exercise i have developed a lean toned physique and i would recommend them to everybody.

READ ON : i will keep u posted on the above topic.

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my first page

hello everybody,
i started this blog as my personal page with the intention of sharing my thoughts and experiances with all of u.

as i am interested in a lot of things and thoughts contantly play in my mind i decided to write it all so that it could be of some use to u. I hope to meet a lot of interesting people through the medium of this blog and interact with them.

so lets start out from here.